For Pete’s Sake

For Pete’s Sake

For Pete’s sake… who the heck is Pete? What if I changed the saying to “For Amber’s sake” or “For Laura’s sake”? Would it still have the same meaning? Wait… am I seriously contemplating and debating this with myself? Sheesh… For Pete’s sake…

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

A great big thank you to JustAnIndianGirl for nominating me for this award! It is a privilege to be nominated for these awards!

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About Me

  • I love doing crafts! 🤓
  • My favorite holidays to decorate for are Halloween 🎃 and Christmas! 🎄 
  • I am a tomboy 💪🏻 and don’t like to dress up! 👗💅🏻
  • My childhood dream was to be a teacher, but I dropped out of college after my 2nd year. 😳
  • I now regret not getting a degree, although I’m glad I did not become a teacher! 🙃
  • I am currently a reporting analyst for a Healthcare company. Yes it is boring! 😜
  • My dream now is to own a beach house and spend all day with my family! 🏝


Life at 17

Out of My Write Mind

This is Youth



This or That Book Tag

This or That Book Tag

First, a great big thank you to TheOriginalPhoenix for nominating me! It is a great privilege to receive these nominations!

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1. Reading on the couch or in the bed?

Honestly, either one! I’m usually on the couch though, because by the time I get in bed I’m exhausted!

2. Main male character or main female character?

Main male character

3. Sweet snacks or salty snacks?

I love salty snacks!

4. Trilogies or Quartets?


5. First person POV or third person POV?

First person POV

6. Reading at night or in the morning?

Most of the time I read during the day. The kids are at school and I have time for myself.

7. Libraries or bookstores?

I personally like bookstores. Even if I don’t buy anything, I love sitting down with coffee and the kids don’t have to be too quiet!

8. Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

Whatever hits close to home. I am more of a put myself in the situation type.

9. Black book covers or white book covers?

Black book covers

10. Character driven series or plot driven series?

Plot driven series

10 Nominees

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My Beautiful Grace

When a man takes lunch to his wife’s office, he’s told that she hasn’t worked there in weeks. Completely taken back by the news, the flowers that he had brought for her suddenly tumble from his arms. Sure, they haven’t spoken much since they separated three months ago, but she wouldn’t have quit her job without telling him. Would she? It was her dream to work for Apperceptive Designs and she had worked diligently to build her career in photography to fulfill that dream.

Unhesitatingly, he begins asking the receptionist questions, but all she would say was that she could not give him any information. She couldn’t tell him anything at all. As he walks outside onto the busy sidewalk, he feels a strong chill run through his body. It could be the cold, shrieking wind, but he feels like something is wrong. Instantly he decides the best thing to do is to call her. He reaches for his cell phone and pulls up her number in his contacts list. A slight grin crosses his face when he sees her nickname, “Beautiful Grace.” He has called her Grace ever since the day they met. Everyone else calls her Gracie, but she repeatedly divulged how much she loved hearing those words leave his lips, “My Beautiful Grace.”

She didn’t answer his call. Hmmm… That seems strange. She has always answered, even during their separation. She says it’s because she is anticipating the one day that he calls to passionately say, “I’m sorry and I want to come home.” He doesn’t know why he hasn’t made that call, yet. He has wanted to many times, but submissively diverged to another discussion every time he called. The truth is that he is scared of her answer… Scared that she has given up on them. Today is that day, though. He is supposed to be sitting down to an impromptu lunch with her at this very moment and telling her those exact words that she has been patiently waiting to hear.

Without delay, he hails a cab and gives the driver her address. He must see her today, he cannot wait another day to tell her how much he loves her. He yearns to hear her cheerful voice, see her beautiful face and feel her soft touch. After the agonizingly long drive, the cab finally arrives at her apartment. The complex seems unusually gloomy today. He has an uneasy feeling as he enters the dreary building. After walking up four tortuous flights of stairs, he finally reaches her door. The anticipation is overwhelmingly consuming every inch of his being.

Her eyes are hazy and her mind is racing. She’s sitting on the rug in the middle of the kitchen when her phone startlingly rings. As she looks at the caller id, she realizes that it shows “John” and she places it back onto the floor. She can’t talk to him right now. She doesn’t want to hear another insufferable story of what’s going on in his life and be compelled to envision how eerily happy he is. Depression continues to consume her as she recalls that disheartening day. Their marriage seemed perfect on the outside. Her friends expressed their jealousy from day one and she admitted that she believed it was perfect, too. But with an abrupt twist, that one fateful day declared that they were all shamefully wrong. She could no longer handle the everyday routine, the stress of work or seeing her friends. She was ready to give up.

Unexpectedly, she hears a loud knock and wonders who it could be. With her heart racing, she sluggishly gets up and stumbles to open the door. “John?” she says surprisingly as the knife she is holding abruptly drops to the floor. John sees blood dripping from her wrists as she falls into his arms. “Oh Grace, what have you done?” he cries.

Written for the Writer’s Digest Contest although I did not get it finished in time to actually enter the contest.